01/04/1995 378

51 cards were removed from the Revised Edition and 122 cards from previous expansions (Legends and The Dark) were added. Fourth Editionwas the first set to have its basic lands printed on a separate print sheet. This freed up room on the other card sheets to include more spells. Fourth Edition cards have white borders in the American printing while foreign printings have black borders when no prior edition was released on that market. The set has no expansion symbol.

A copyright notice now appeared on the bottom of the cards (dated 1995). The copyright was now attributed to Wizards of the Coast, and not to the artist anymore.

The beveled border missing from Revised was restored. The colors were also much brighter.

A new white mana symbol was introduced.

The tap symbol changed to a curved arrow symbol, with a black rectangle representing the tapping card behind it.

An Alternate Fourth Edition run was printed by the United States Playing Card Corporation in Cincinnati. Due to a dispute between the two companies, the cards were never officially published.

Languages: English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Japanese/ Portuguese/ Spanish