General Terms

    1. Service description
      1. Role of SIOONE in the mediation service
      2. Registration
      3. Information published in the service
    2. Service cost
    3. Rules related to the buying and selling service and main features of the articles
      1. Rules for the seller in using the platform
      2. Rules for the buyer in using the platform
      3. Status of user in the platform
      4. Compliance with the law
      5. Main features of the articles
    4. Purchase process in the platform
      1. Acquisition of articles
      2. Price
      3. Taxes
      4. Payment methods
      5. Receipt
      6. Costs
    5. Delivery of the articles
      1. Shipping costs
    6. Cancellations, Guarantees and Refunds
      1. Guarantees of the service provided by SIOONE
      2. Cancellation of orders
      3. Refunds
      4. Defective articles and incorrect shipments
    7. Right of withdrawal
      1. Withdrawal
      2. Consequences of the withdrawal
    8. User service
    9. Privacy policy- Data protection
    10. Modification
    11. Legal system



The trading service provided through this website is administered and governed by SIOONE company, with SIOONE as brand name, henceforth SIOONE. It is, as well, the domain owner of, established in La Rioja, Avda. Rio Iregua, 23, 2º C, 26120 Albelda de Iregua, and with CIF 16601966Z.

You can contact us via email or through the 'Contact' section in our site. These terms and conditions should be the subject of the relationship regulation between SIOONE and you, (henceforth USER), relative to every transaction made in the website, located in (henceforth 'the platform'). is an online trading platform, a virtual market in which collectible card games, comics and any sort of collectible item are offered for sale, sold and bought by previous registration in the platform and publishing them on the website.

It is important that you read carefully, understand and accept the Service Conditions before buying or selling your items through SIOONE.

The purchase request made by any channel and placed by user, who declares to have full legal capacity to hire, presumes the acceptance of these conditions –published in the site-- to which you are subject.

As a user of the platform, you must understand that SIOONE is a provider of mediation service which consists in holding the offers relative to the items of the selling users, so these articles can be purchased by users that might be interested in them.

Indeed, SIOONE is a mere intermediary, since all of the items included in the platform belong to the users and have been published by them as well.

SIOONE only provides the mediation service that supposes the existence of the website as a mere information exchange platform (of information exchange) between selling users and buying users. Therefore, it is solely responsible for that arbitration service.

The information, prices and any other elements relating to the items in the platform only rely on the selling user, since SIOONE does not take part neither in the information inclusion associated with the godos, nor in the conclusion of the buying and selling operations, nor in the transactions that result from it. So, any disagreement between the selling user and the buying user, related with the already mentioned articles or with the transaction carried out, is oblivious to SIOONE, except for extreme cases detailes throughout the present document.

For information, we remind you that buying users who act as a consumer will not see their rights restricted by the contained in the present document.

Equally, the buying users that use the platform must distinguish between:

  1. the mediation Service provided by SIOONE, and for the one is liable;
  2. and the trade carried out by the selling users, of which SIOONE is not reponsible and in relation to which they must demand their consumer rights from the user that had offered the item.

SIOONE makes a neutral provision of the service with a technique and automatic processing of the data provided by the users, in consequence, the buying user should gear any complaint linked to the offered goods to the selling user.

In this context, particular attention must be paid to stipulations that would restrict SIOONE liabilities under the present conditions of Service.

By marking the 'I ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICE' option, you accept then be linked to the present conditions and rules.


'Contractual Documents of the Site': The term includes these Conditions of the service, the Privacy Notice, the Shipping Policy, Refunds and Cancellations; in general, the term contains as well any other contract, agreement, advertisement or policy that SIOONE broadcast and publish and that is applicable to the transactions carried out through the platform.

'Catalogue': It is compound by all the items that are available in the platform or in the website.

'Purchase Confirmation': It is the data message created by the platform in which it appears the approval of the Order generated by the buyer and the possibility of stock from the seller. The Purchase Confirmation validates that the user (seller) has sold and the user (buyer) has purchased the pertinent articles and clarifies the time of purchase. The message includes the relation of the products acquired by the consumer and everything related to the order status until its reception.

'SIOONE': It is an online trading platform, a virtual market in which collectible card games, comics and any sort of collectible item are offered for sale, sold and bought.

'Purchase order' or 'Order': It is the data message created by the customer to request the purchase of an article, and in which the buyer user show his will to get this item in the amount, price, terms and conditions established by the seller.

'Service users': They are the natural or legal persons that use the mediation service given by the platform and they do this with the aim of negotiate purchase and sale agreements, only adults can participate.

Two types of users can be distinguished:

  • User: Natural or legal person registered as a user in the web platform.
  • User 'Store': Legal person that uses the web platform service as an 'online shop', but, at the same time, having at his disposal a material shop from which he sells the articles demanded by other users.

By marking the ' I ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICE' option, you guarantee that you are 18 or older and that you are capable of purchasing and selling.

For being a User (registered) or a 'Shop' user, you will be asked to sign up and provide the requested personal data, among others, your name and e-mail address, which must be true and real, as well as updated in case of change.

'Rating and classifications': Information about the article, about the customer or seller, included in the 'Valuations' section. Given that the Valuations are only made by the platform users, SIOONE will not assume any responsability for this concept. You accept expressly that, by using this platform, you expose yourself to the Valuations and consequent classification that you received from another user, whether favourable or not.

The classifications made by users are based on the product status, packaging and on the time span from the purchase to the product delivery.

1. Service description

SIOONE acts as a meeting point on the Internet, enabling any registered user to sell and purchase almost from any place and at any time.

The Trading service is provided in two modalities: Direct Sale and Pre-sale (reserve of a product or article which is not yet found for sale).

The Service has some limitations that you must know and accept.

SIOONE does not classify, check or control the articles put on sale through the website, nor the people that take part in the transactions.

SIOONE does not participate in no way in the conclusion of the trading operations, in which might participate users of te system, and, specially, it will not be involved in the repayments and warranties that might have been offered. In this way, when a sale is carried out, the customer and the seller are the only responsible for its realisation.

SIOONE has no power to act on behalf of the seller or the customer.

Given that the transaction only takes place between users, SIOONE is not involved in the potential disputes between customer and seller, neither in its resolution. Nevertheless, in some cases, SIOONE can attempt to mediate between both users, provided that they request it previously.

1.1. Role of SIOONE in the intermediation service

SIOONE is not involved in the carrying out of the trade operation between seller and customer of the articles that appear in the platform, except of the mere mediation between both sides.

SIOONE function is restricted to facilitate the storage medium on the Internet, the communication and the contact between sellers and potential customers of a certain good, by the use of its platform and Service, being, therefore, just a simple intermediary for te purposes of the 34/2002 Act, 11th of July, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSICE).

SIOONE is an intermediary provider service, consequently, we remind you that it does not control or supervise, or assume any liability --beyond the one foreseen by the law--, for the the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the contents, information and services of third parties in the platform. It does not accept responsability for the compliance with legal requirements to offer and sell the sold goods, nor the capacity and legitimacy of the seller to advertise and sell the goods he offer, nor of the customers to buy the articles they request, nor the safe-keeping of the articles on sale.

SIOONE does not control, supervise or assume any liability for the payment capacity of the customer, if the customer does not have money in its little box, the sale will not be done.

Likewise, SIOONE does not intermediate in the article price fixatio, which will be fixed by the seller.

Therefore, you must use the platform acting free and carefuly and, in any case, under your only responsability and exclusive risk.

Consequently, given that SIOONE does not take part in the transaction between you and other users, you understand you should not require to SIOONE, and any of its agents, or any other; any complaint, demand, compensation for damages (whether they are effective or for income loss) of any kind and nature, known or unknown, expected or unexpected, hidden or not, that come or might come from the improved or not improved trade transactions, or offered or sold articles beyond the ones foreseen by current legislation.

In any case, SIOONE places at users’ disposal a valuation and classification Service that will hel you to evaluate those people you deal with, but you should consider that it is not infallible and that SIOONE does not support, neither guarantee the correction and accuracy of this classification, nor the users’ compliance of the applicable law and their respective commitment.

1.1.1. Valuations and Ratings

The ratings made by users are base on the product status and in the period of time elapsing betweeen the purchase and the product delivery.

SIOONE reserves the right to modify the valuation and rating criteria, just like users’ valuations and ratings.

1.2. Registration

It is necessary a free registration in order to be able to use the online trading platform.

The platform use is only allowed to the user and under these legal terms, without prejudice to the laws that protect them.

1.2.1. Data and registration process

During the registration, you have to provide your name, surname, physical and e-mail address and you must select a user name and password.

Moreover, you will have to confirm you have read and accepted the legal terms.

The administrator will send you an activation e-mail to check your email address and the activation will be automatic, accepting the contract since that moment.

The administrator reserves the right to deny a user registration, without the need to expound his reasons.

All the provided information, except your name and surnames, can be changed or complemented in your profile configuration afterwards.

The chosen password must be confidential. You have to ensure that your data to access into your user account do not fall into the hands of third parties that might use your user account.

If you lose your password or you suspect that a third person has used your account without your consent, you must inform the administrator about this issue. In order to protect your account from unauthorized access, you should change the password of your account habitually.

Every physical persons and legally competents older than 18 years, as well as the legal persons can be registered as a user. In the case of legal persons, the registration must be completed with an authorised manager.

The registration of the account for third parties without consent, as well as to have more than an account for a unique user is completely banned.

The administrator reserves the right to request the pertinent information (trade records, opening licence or another type of trade licences) before the user account activation.

Users’ account are not transferable.

1.2.2. Quality and confidentiality of the data

The data requested during registration must be completely and correctly introduced. The changes of personal data must be notified and corrected by the user in the user profile.

The User expressly agrees that SIOONE or the person appointed by him, will be able to process the booking data for his legitimate purposes in accordance with the current Service Conditions and, subject to the rules of SIOONE in terms of privacy, legal restriction, which protect the data supplied by you ( such as his email address, name and user identifier).

In accordance to the same, SIOONE will not provide this information to any other user of the platfrom, except in case you are the customer or the seller of the sale item, in order for both sides can conclude the transaction, neither any third person, with the exception of this being necessary

  1. to comply with the Law;
  2. to comply with legal proceedings, inclusive court orders or orders from competent administrative bodies;
  3. to respond to claims in the sense that the related contents infringes the third parties’ rights; or
  4. to protect the legitimate interests of SIOONE and third parties, which is expressly accepted by you.

SIOONE rules, in terms of privacy, might change in the future. We recommend you to revise frequently the Privacy Policy of these same conditions in order to keep abreast of the posible changes.

1.2.3. Duration of registration or user account

The contract between administrator and user has no expiration date.

The user can terminate the mentioned contract at any moment by informing the administrator of it. The notification must be done in writing via your user profile, being able, like this, to get the verification of the request to opt-out from the administrator.

The administrator can terminate the contract at any moment by notifying it via email and, if necessary, by exposing in it the reasons of such action.

The right of the platform administrator to temporarily block user accounts, by notifying it via e-mail, will be preserved.

1.3. Information published in the Service

You agree not to use the platform for illegal purposes or for the transmission of unlawful material, harassing, defamatory, invasive of third party privacy, rude, threatening, pernicious, vulgar, obscene, harmful or unacceptable for other reasons, or infringing or may infringe industrial or intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.

In any case, you understand that SIOONE can not control or control the information that other users send through the platform, simply to reflect the information provided by the users

Even when prohibited, some users may enter, supply or transmit offensive, false, harmful or defamatory information, SIOONE being only responsible in the cases provided for by current legislation and in particular by article 16 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSIE). On the other hand, you should be cautious in communicating information to other users in the use of the platform.

In order to improve the Service, please inform us about any abnormal behaviour on the part of the platform users.

1.3.1. Use of published information

When you participate as a user of the platform, you provide us with certain information about yourself and / or the lots offered for sale. You grant to SIOONE the non exclusive right to use all the mentioned information and others that derive from it, in any means, currently known or unknown.

This right includes, among others, the right to display, edit and display the information you provide in any Service or medium of SIOONE, to search for such information and, in accordance with the privacy rules, to group it and assign it to any third party for any purpose.

For the purposes of this paragraph, information is understood, in a non-exhaustive way, the data, texts, photographs, drawings, valuations and any other information or data displayed or presented in connection with their lots put up for sale through SIOONE .

Regarding to the intellectual property rights that may be generated in connection with the material shared on the platform, by checking "I ACCEPT SERVICE CONDITIONS" option, you grant us a non-exclusive, free and irrevocable license to use all of your intellectual property rights on the material displayed on our website, in any future media, known or unknown at the present time, as well as the right to grant sublicences (of different levels).

SIOONE will carry out these actions with respect for the established in the current law.

2. Service cost

The use of the online trading platform, does not have cost, that is to say, it is free to register or to sign up on the platform.

To buy or to put lots up for sale is free.

The trade transactions carried out through SIOONE platform will generate a commission for SIOONE which is to be paid by the seller, based on the operation value and which will be directly retained by the seller in each liquidation.

The right to earn this comission is also applied if the transaction between users does not take place fully or partially, unless the administrator is responsible os the result of this buying and selling; in particular, the right to earn a comission does not depend on the payment or the negotiated remuneration between buyer and seller.

The level of teh comission depends on the price list or the RATE/ PRICE published on the SIOONE web at the time of carrying out the trading.

    Private user Professional user
User account Open an account free
Close an account    
Transfer money Add money by bank transfer SEPA free
Withdraw money by bank transfer SEPA free
Add money by credit or debit card (4) 5% of the amount (2), (3)
Add money by PayPal (4) 0,35€ + 5% of the amount (2), (3)
Buy / Sell Buy free
Sell single cards / lots 5% of the price of each item sold (2), (3) 4% of the price of each item sold (2), (3)
Sell sealed material 5% of the price of each item sold (2), (3) 4% of the price of each item sold (2), (3)

All prices include Spanish VAT

(1) There may be additional expenses due to your bank, we can not do anything about it to avoid those expenses
(2) All expenses are rounded up by one cent. This means that the minimum fee applicable is € 0.01.
(3) Professional sellers in the EU who are not in Spain with a valid intra-Community VAT number do not pay Spanish VAT.
(4) A direct income can be made through PayPal or credit or debit card

3. Rules related to the buying and selling and main features of the articles

The platform running is based on the users’ compliance of the commitments they assume.

When buying or selling an item or lot, you assure and confirm that you have the right to buy or sell that item or lot.

3.1. Rules for the seller in using the platform

All users registered on the SIOONE platform can sell.

The platform only admits a seller account per DNI or NIF.

As a seller, you undertake to put on sale your classified items or lots in the suitable category and to describe exactly the goods you offer, so that it is not fraudulent regarding characteristics, origin and qualities of them, this description should include at least the article status and photograph of the same, the weight and the specific characteristics in case it had them.

In your descriptions, you should not include any link or advertisement related to other goods, or on issues relating to goods that are not being sold through this website.

As a seller, you expressly agree not to include advertising, data, keys or marks that allow buyers to locate their items put on sale by alternative methods for which SIOONE makes available to buyers.

Only objects or articles can be sold, not services except for the contracting of the delivery service that will always be managed from the platform through the corresponding shipment agency.

You should not sell, under no circumstance, the following items, enumerated non-exhaustively:

  • Any item whose sale or advertisement is illegal or forbidden by any legislation, law, regulation, order or applicable regulation.
  • Any item you do not have the right to sell.
  • Any item that infringes or violates the rights of any person.
  • Any other item that, at the discretion of SIOONE, contrasts with the policy of the provided Service.

If the item that you put up for sale receives a purchase order through the platform, you are forced to make the trading of the item with the buyer.

SIOONE will charge the seller, as payment for the use of the platform, a commission that is clearly specified in the Service Cost.

As seller, you expressly accept the payment of this commission in terms of provision of the Service.

A settlement will be issued for each transaction performed.

As a seller, you accept to use the "recharge box" as payment method to settle your debts with SIOONE.

You expressly agree to provide SIOONE, when required, the necessary data to pay the corresponding settlements for the provision of the Service.

SIOONE reserves the right to temporarily suspend the sale of all items from a seller as long as there are outstanding debts. Likewise, the seller is responsible for the delay and management expenses derived from non-payment of 4.5% of the amount of the unpaid settlement.

It is the responsibility of the seller to have all the published articles available, to avoid that the sales expectations of the users are affected negatively.

The seller must assume responsibility for a lost, damaged or previously sold item, and in this case remove it from the sale before it can be purchased.

When an order does not come to a good end for a justified reason, as a seller agrees to notify the buyer and SIOONE from the outset of the cancellation of the order.

SIOONE, after verifying with the buyer the failure of the transaction of sale, will proceed to cancel the order. If the cancellation occurs after the order is settled, SIOONE will deduct the amount in the settlement corresponding to the processing date of the management.

You agree not to impede the smooth development of other sales (for example, by contacting users of the platform and offering similar items at lower prices).

In the event that any type of irregularity and / or non-compliance with the rules of the platform is detected, the seller may be blocked by the system administrator or even expelled from the platform.


You expressly understand and accept that when a sale is made, your information will be provided to the buyer of the items so that the transaction can be carried out. SIOONE is not responsible for the use that the buyers can make of the information that you provide us.

As a seller, you expressly accept that customers introduce in the specific section for the effect of Ratings / qualifications, positive or negative comments, relating to the transaction made with you and that you are qualified in accordance with them, without SIOONE assuming any responsibility for that reason.

SIOONE reserves the right to modify the rating and rating criteria, as well as the valuations and qualifications of users.

3.2. Rules for the buyer in using of the platform

All users registered on the SIOONE platform can buy.

The customer user must ensure that the item he pretends to buy is not prohibited to purchase, in the jurisdiction where he lives or in any other applicable jurisdiction and will be solely responsible for it otherwise, without SIOONE, in his capacity as mere intermediation service provider, assuming any responsibility for that concept.

You expressly understand and accept that when you formalize a purchase, your data will be provided to the seller of the items so that the operation can be carried out. SIOONE is not responsible for the use that the sellers can make of the information that you provide us.

As a buyer, you expressly accept that the sellers involved in your purchases enter in the Ratings section, comments, positive or negative, regarding the transaction made with you and that you are classified in accordance with them, without SIOONE assuming any responsibility for that reason.

SIOONE reserves the right to modify the rating and rating criteria, as well as the valuatioms and qualifications of users.

3.3. Platform user status

SIOONE reserves the right of admission to the Service, and you expressly agree that SIOONE, in the event that you seriously breach these conditions or repeatedly breach them, eliminate any Service in which you participate or your use of the platform; in particular, and without limitation of such right of admission, SIOONE may temporarily block or even cancel your user account if:

  1. SIOONE understands that you have acted against the letter or spirit of these Terms of Service; or
  2. In case SIOONE understands that you have infringed or purported to infringe the rights of other users; or
  3. if you do not use this Service at least once for a reasonable period of time, which shall not be less than one year; or
  4. if the quality of the articles or the images of the same do not meet the criteria indicated by the platform; or
  5. for slander or defamation of other users or professionals.

Temporary cancellations will terminate at the time SIOONE or the platform administrator consider the issue that caused the cancellation to be resolved.

You agree that SIOONE does not assume any liability, whether contractual, extra-contractual or other type, against you or third parties for such concepts.

3.3.1. Responsability of the user

The user undertakes not to resell or give their rights and obligations derived from these Conditions of Service. Likewise, it is obliged not to carry out an unauthorized commercial use of the platform.

The user agrees not to use the information of third parties, unless it is necessary to complete any operation derived from the Service.

The User agrees to indemnify SIOONE against any losses, costs, damages, claims or requirements, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by third parties or incurred by

SIOONE in connection with, as a result or consequence of the use of the platform or transmission through it under the User's password or account in violation of these Conditions of Service or any applicable local, national or international laws or regulations or as a result of infringement of the rights of third parties by the User.

Identification and password: The user is responsible for all actions carried out under his access password, which should not be given to anyone while maintaining their confidentiality. Your access password should not be used for what is not authorized.

3.4. Compliance with the law

In the use of the platform the user undertakes to abide by all applicable laws and regulations, whether local, state, national or international.

The user undertakes to:

  • not use the platform for illegal purposes;
  • not obstruct or interrupt the platform or servers or networks connected to the Service;
  • comply with all the requirements, procedures, rules and regulations of networks connected to the Service; and
  • comply with all laws on advertising, protection of consumers and users, and sale of goods and other applicable.

3.5. Main features of the articles

The main features of the goods that can be acquired through the platform of SIOONE, in are described in each one of the articles or in the corresponding section of the catalog.

The seller puts up for sale his articles or lots classified in the appropriate category and describes exactly the offered goods, so that it is not fraudulent with regard to the characteristics, origin and qualities of the same, this description must include at least the article status and photograph of the same, the weight and the specific characteristics if it had them.

4. Purchase process in the platform

4.1. Articles acquisition

The acquisition of the articles must be done through the activation of the "BUY" button that appears in the user page, expressing the total acceptance of all the terms and conditions, as they are shown in the SIOONE web page previously to the acquisition of the articles.

The purchase process is described below and the contract is performed in Spanish language, once you click ‘Add to Cart’, all the items you have selected will appear in the order summary.

On this page, the user will complete their shipping information.

By clicking on the "BUY" button, prior to accepting these Terms, you will be sending a legally binding offer, and therefore clicking the "BUY" button implies the obligation to pay the price of the selected articles.

After the end of the purchase process, SIOONE will inform the user of the justification for the recruitment completed, through the e-mail provided by the user.

From the moment of acceptance, the user acquires the condition of SIOONE Client described in these conditions.

4.2. Price

The prices that appear on the website are those that are applied at the time of purchase.

Prices may be subject to change without prior notice, but such changes will not affect orders that are already in progress and have been accepted.

Keep in mind that the sale price of some items may fluctuate very fast due to the high demand of them at a specific moment (promotions, championships…) This is why the corresponding price will be published on the web at the time of formalize the sale.

The indicated prices include the corresponding VAT.

Before the end of the purchase, we will always inform you of the total price, including all taxes and other costs such as fees or possible shipping costs.

4.2.1. Promotions

The prices and offers that appear on the platform website are valid when the purchase is made, unless other specific terms in the platform, such as exceptional promotions and / or specific ones, suggest otherwise.

4.3. Taxes

All prices for items, shipping and other services include VAT.

4.4. Payment methods

All the users registered in the platform have a "recharge box" in which the payment or collection of the operations carried out through the platform will be made.

The recharge of amounts in the mentioned box can be done through the following methods of payment:

  • Credit cards indicated during the sale.
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

If the user attempts to pay by any other method, SIOONE will not be responsible for the loss of his payment or any other damage caused by his action.

Only payment in euro is accepted.

When you pay for a purchase or when recharging your box with credit card, in order to maintain your own security and prevent fraud, you will be asked to enter your card verification number (CVV).

When a purchase request and the buyer's data have been verified by SIOONE, the purchase amount will be discounted from the buyer user's box.

When the items acquired by the buyer are sent by the seller, the transaction amount will be paid to the seller's box, the amount of the corresponding commission will be previously discounted by the use of the platform specified in the service fee published on the web.

4.5. Receipt

Once the sale is made, the buyer will receive proof of the transaction made or payment receipt, the contact email that registered as a user or during the transaction.

If you wish you can request the invoice of the purchase through email or telephone.

In order to provide you with the invoice for the transaction, at the time you are asked to do so, you must provide us with your complete billing information.

By the acceptance of these conditions, you expressly accept to receive an electronic invoice of your purchase via e-mail.

You have the right to request the invoice for your paper purchase by contacting us through the contact channels indicated in this document.

4.6. Costs

The shipping costs are added per order and will be calculated according to the purchase, the address and the delivery method.

We will always inform you of the total price, including all taxes and other costs such as fees or possible shipping costs, before the end of the purchase.

5. Delivery of articles

Shipping costs are set by the system. You can check them in the FEES section of our website.

When you buy a "selling user" you can choose from several shipping options:

  • ordinary mail
  • certified letter or
  • package

For purchases over € 20, SIOONE is required to send the certificate. Which means that you are taking advantage of the payment service to third parties for all orders. For cheaper orders, you can choose between sending by ordinary mail or certified letter.

If you have purchased items from different sellers, each one has to send them to you and pay for the shipping costs. For this reason, you have to pay shipping costs for each seller you deal with. You can save shipping costs if you buy more items from the same seller.

Shipments of the requested items will be made through the shipping agency reflected on the website at the time of the operation.

Once the online purchase has been formalized and the seller has sent the item, it will mark that option in your user profile, at which point you will receive the amount of your sale previously discounted SIOONE commission.

The buyer user once received the item purchased, must mark the corresponding option in his user profile, and rate the quality of the service by the seller and the quality of the item purchased.

5.1. Shipping costs

Shipping costs are added per order. We will always inform you of the total price, including all taxes and other costs such as fees or possible shipping costs, before the end of the purchase.

Shipping costs and delivery times are those published on our website, at the time of the operation.

Shipments to the Canary Islands in case you are ordering from the Canary Islands, the VAT of the articles is deducted and the IGIC (the General Indirect Canary Tax) is added, a tax that records the deliveries of goods and services.

In the case of shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla or International shipments there may be additional costs such as customs fees.

6. Cancellations, Guarantees and returns

6.1. Guarantees of the service provided by SIOONE

SIOONE guarantees the quality of the intermediation service carried out through the platform

All rights that the present laws recognize to consumers and users are guaranteed.

Access to and its use or registration by the user is under their exclusive responsibility, is free and necessarily implies, without reservation, the acceptance of these Conditions, and of those particular conditions that could be applied to some of the specific services offered through the website.

The services provided by this website are aimed at people over 18 years. The use of the services offered in this website by minors must have been previously authorized by their parents, guardians or legal representatives as they have the responsibility of the acts performed by the minors in their charge.

Whenever possible from SIOONE we will warn you in advance of interruptions in the operation of the platform, however, we can not guarantee the availability and continuity of the web operation as it also depends on external providers.

The user declares to know that SIOONE is an intermediary service provider consisting of hosting the information of the articles that the users decide to share through SIOONE, reason why it is not responsible for the information stored at the request of its users except in the cases provided for in article 16 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSICE).

SIOONE does not guarantee in any way that the service will meet the expectations of the user.

SIOONE also does not guarantee the results to be obtained from the use of the platform, nor the accuracy or reliability of the information obtained through the platform nor that any defects that the software may have.

The user knows and accepts that any material and / or data received or otherwise obtained, through the use of the platform or from the same, or any goods obtained through the platform, have been freely and sole responsibility and exclusive risk of the user and that the user will be solely responsible for any damages arising from it or any other transaction.

SIOONE does not offer any guarantee on goods purchased or obtained through the platform or on operations agreed through it, nor on the compliance by users of their corresponding legal or contractual obligations.

Any claim relating to the goods purchased must be addressed to the relevant seller.

No advice or information, verbal or written, obtained by the SIOONE user or through the platform shall constitute, nor should it be understood as a guarantee, unless expressly provided herein.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to purchasers who act as consumers and shall not apply only in cases where they conflict with the provisions of consumer rights legislation.

6.2. Cancellation of orders

In case the buyer wishes to cancel the order before the shipment, you must contact the seller.

If the order has already been shipped, this option will not be available in principle, however, the buyer can contact the seller to request the cancellation of the order, and if he accepts, the price will be refunded less expenses to the purchaser user's box, with the exception of the invited user to whom the amount paid will be refunded less the corresponding shipping costs, through the same medium in which the initial payment of the purchase was made.

In the event that it is not possible to deliver an order, for reasons attributable to the buyer, the cost of returning the order made will be borne by the buyer.

6.3. Refunds

Without prejudice to your rights, the buyer is responsible for inspecting the item and notifying the seller through SIOONE or SIOONE of any incidents.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the items purchased through the

SIOONE platform, you have 14 calendar days from the date of purchase to return it.

The item must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

No personalized items can be returned at the customer's request.

The returns will be notified to the seller and to SIOONE in order to proceed to the return of the amounts, if so agreed by buyer and seller.

As proof of your return, we recommend that you keep the proof of sending your return so that you can track the delivery.

Once the items returned have been checked, you will receive a confirmation email and a full refund of the price of the item will be made using the same payment method used by the user for the initial transaction within the 14 calendar days following the receipt and verification of the merchandise by the seller.

Remember that the term in which you will see reflected the credit in your account will depend on your bank.

The shipping costs (unless the right of withdrawal indicated in the following section has been exercised), nor the return costs if any, nor the fees charged by

SIOONE will not be reimbursed.

6.4. Defective items or erroneous shipments

In the case of defective items or dissatisfaction with your request, you have the option to return the item to the seller and reach an agreement as to expenses attributable to the return.

The user has 14 days from the delivery to be able to return it, must be placed immediately (within 24 hours) in contact with the seller and SIOONE and indicate the reason for the return, attaching photocopy of the delivery note. If this notification is not made, it will not be possible to process the return.

  • In case of return by wrong delivery, it will be necessary to deliver the item with the packaging in perfect condition, that the article and its accessories are in perfect condition, and that the article is packaged in such a way that its deterioration is not possible during the transport, assuming this the possible damages during the same.
  • The return of the article will not be allowed when there are obvious signs of use.
  • In case of defective item, the user will try to get the item in the best conditions.

The refund of the amount will be made in the same way in which the user had initially paid the purchase and provided that it complies with the indicated requirements.

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1. Withdrawal

According to law 3/2014 of March 27, the individual user has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 calendar days without justification from the date of receipt of the article.

The customer will not have the right to desist in case the article is a personalized article at the customer's request.

To exercise the right of withdrawal is necessary to notify us the decision to withdraw the contract through an unequivocal statement by sending an email to the seller and SIOONE including in the case the concept of withdrawal.

Although its use is not mandatory, the client can use the following text:

D./Dª _________________________, domiciled at _________________ hereby I hereby inform you that I have withdrawn from our contract of sale the following goods (Reference number corresponding to each item purchased) ________________________ with Order No. _____________________ requested on the date _____________________ and received on ____________________ date.




7.2. Consequences of withdrawal

In case of withdrawal, we will refund all payments received after the purchase, including shipping costs without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 calendar days from the date you inform us of the decision of to desist from this contract. We will proceed to make such refund using the same payment method used by the customer for the initial transaction.

We may retain the reimbursement until we have received the goods, or until you have submitted proof of the return thereof.

You must return or deliver the goods directly without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 calendar days from the date you communicate your decision to withdraw from the contract.

The term shall be deemed to have been fulfilled if it returns the goods before the expiration of said period.

8. Customer Service

For any claim or inquiry you can contact SIOONE, via email to

9. Privacy Policy - Data protection

SIOONE guarantees the protection of all personal data provided by the User or its legal representative through its web platform and any other channel, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) and other applicable regulations, informs you that:

  1. The personal information collected from users is stored in a database owned by SIOONE and complies with technical, organizational and security measures that guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and other applicable legislation and will be incorporated in a mixed file created and maintained under the responsibility of SIOONE.
  2. The user or his legal representative will, in any case, respond to the veracity of the data provided, and SIOONE reserves the right to exclude from the files registered any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in law.
  3. The data are collected in order to properly manage the relationships that SIOONE maintains with the user or its legal representatives, as well as, send them information about services, courses, promotional and advertising activities of this SIOONE that can be adjusted to the profile of the user, through any means of communication.
  4. SIOONE can send an e-mail notifying improvements or new developments that occur in this web platform, as well as own services that are offered.
  5. In collecting and processing the data provided, we observe the appropriate security measures within our reach and thus prevent loss, unauthorized access or manipulation thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and its rules of development.
  6. The user or his legal representative authorizes the processing of the personal data supplied, always respecting the Spanish legislation on data protection.
  7. The use of the services offered on the web by minors must have been previously authorized by their parents, guardians or legal representatives as they have the responsibility of being responsible for the acts performed by the minors in their charge.
  8. The user, or their legal representatives, may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition on their personal data, as well as the revocation of consent for the aforementioned uses, by means of a written communication addressed to SIOONE, mail to the following address This communication must include name and surname, request in which the request, address for the purposes of notifications, date, signature and photocopy of ID or other valid document that identifies it.

10. Modification

The content of these conditions is subject to change by SIOONE. Therefore it is recommended to review them periodically or in any case in each purchase requested.

The declaration of nullity of one or more of the conditions established will not lead to the nullity of this contract that will continue in force.

11. Legal System

Safeguard Clause: All clauses or ends of this contract must be interpreted independently and autonomously, not being affected the rest of stipulations in case one of them has been declared NULL by a final judicial sentence.

The contracting parties agree to replace the clause or clauses affected by another or others that preserve the effects pursued by the parties.

These general conditions are subject to the current Spanish regulations.

In case of discrepancy or divergence that could arise on the fulfillment or the interpretation of these conditions of purchase, the parties submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of Logroño, renouncing their jurisdiction in case of corresponding one other than the provisions of the consumer regulation and users.

For the resolution of consumer disputes, pursuant to Article 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, we inform you that the European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform that is available at the following link:
https: //